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      Milton Young (President), Mayor Sylvester Turner, Wes Weaver (Board Chair)
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      Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan, Donna Cole, Glen Gondo
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      Business Conference Speakers
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      Wes Weaver (Board Chair), Austin Zhao (Immediate Past Chair)
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      Milton Young, Wes Weaver
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  • Welcome to the Asian Chamber of Commerce, Houston, TX

    Welcome to the Asian Chamber of Commerce, where we foster economic development in the Houston Asian-American communities and promote trade between Houston and Asian countries. We’re a business-oriented chamber that combines the respect and diligence of Asian culture with the friendly attitude of Houston. The Asian Chamber holds receptions and presentations for local government and business leaders, provides networking opportunities for businesses and individuals through meetings and luncheons, keeps its members informed on Asian business topics, and much more. Membership does not require one to have Asian heritage or be an Asian-owned business. We welcome everyone interested in forming strong connections to promote business in the diverse Houston market!  



    ACC Mission:

    The Asian Chamber of Commerce fosters economic and business development through civic advocacy, networking, collaboration and connections in the Houston Asian-American communities and promotes trade between Houston and Asian countries. 


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    As a longtime supporter of the Asian Chamber of Commerce, Wells Fargo is proud to be a sponsor of the Chinese Small Business and Entrepreneurial Program over the past two years and work with the Chamber to provide businesses with resources that drive economic growth across the region and within the Asian community in Houston. Small business is big business at Wells Fargo. 


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