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  • Welcome to the Asian Chamber of Commerce, Houston, TX

    Welcome to the Asian Chamber of Commerce, where we foster economic development in the Houston Asian-American communities and promote trade between Houston and Asian countries. We’re a business-oriented chamber that combines the respect and diligence of Asian culture with the friendly attitude of Houston. The Asian Chamber holds receptions and presentations for local government and business leaders, provides networking opportunities for businesses and individuals through meetings and luncheons, keeps its members informed on Asian business topics, and much more. Membership does not require one to have Asian heritage or be an Asian-owned business. We welcome everyone interested in forming strong connections to promote business in the diverse Houston market!  



    ACC Mission:

    The Asian Chamber of Commerce fosters economic and business development through civic advocacy, networking, collaboration and connections in the Houston Asian-American communities and promotes trade between Houston and Asian countries. 


  • Webinar Webinar

    Webinar: Plan & Build your Business 
    with the SBA & US Census Bureau
    June 25, 2018

    Census Business Builder

    Join the US Small Business Administration Houston District office and the US Census Bureau for a FREE WEBINAR to learn about the many tools and resources that are available to potential and existing small business owners.

    Join Guest Speaker: Valerie Maher, SBA Lead Economic Development Specialist, Houston, as she presents valuable information on how Small Businesses can benefit from US Small Business Administration programs and services.

    The US Census Bureau provides a wealth of data that entrepreneurs and small business owners can use in their research, but accessing these data can be challenging if you don't know where to look.  In this webinar, Keynote Presenter, Mr. Andrew W. Hait, will conduct a live demo of the Census Business Builder suite of tools that make accessing key data easier.  Designed specifically for business owners, the Small Business Edition of CBB provides easy access to selected demographic and business data that entrepreneurs might need for their business plans.  Mr. Hait is an Economist, with over 30 years of service at the US Census Bureau, who serves as the Data Product and Data User Liaison in the International Trade Management Division at the U.S. Census Bureau.  

    Additionally,  Mr. Hait will provide a preview of the Regional Analyst Edition of CBB; which was designed specifically for Chamber of Commerce and other regional organizations, to allow these essential users with the ability to build their own regions and view the data for those specific regions. Come learn how these two tools can help SBA advisers, partners, and small business owners power their successes by capturing valuable data using these essential tools! 

    Date: Monday, June 25, 2018

    Time: 10 a.m – 11 a.m. (Central Time) 

    *This is an online webinar only*

    To connect to the Web Conference, click on link below: 

    Link:  https://census.webex.com/census/j.php?MTID=m4b8860b5bd333f6a0be83db2e504cd63

    Audio connection:

    Participant Dial-in number: 888-323-9725

    Participant passcode: 5911383 

    This is a FREE webinar.




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