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      Mandarin Executive Business Program - Class of 2019
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      December Holiday Luncheon 2019
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      December Holiday Luncheon 2019
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      Daikin Technology Park Tour - Nov 2019
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      2019 ACC Gala
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      2019 Mandarin Executive Program Reception - October 2019
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      October Monthly Luncheon - Beth Casey, Shurronda Murray, Marian Nimon, Donovan Casanave
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      Mandarin Executive Business Program - Class of 2018
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    The Asian Chamber of Commerce has setup a Business COVID-19 Resource Page to give you up-to-date overview of Government and Partner resources to help you through these uncertain times. These resources are constantly changing as Congress has issued new legislation to help with businesses affected. Please take a moment to view some of these resources

  • It's time to unite and help - Asian Chamber of Commerce It's time to unite and help - Asian Chamber of Commerce

    March 17, 2020
    With the extraordinary challenges our great city and nation is facing, The Asian Chamber of Commerce has been closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and we are concern in keeping our business members and community safe. After the CDC’s announcement recommending against gatherings of 50+ people, we are taking steps of cancelling and/or postponing our programs during the months of March/April and updating our future scheduled events online.

    We understand the coming months may bring uncertainty or possible hardships and we are extending ALL ACC membership with two-months FREE (your membership due date will be extended by 60 days) so you can take advantage of the resources the Chamber will provide for your business. In the next 2-3 months, we will be hosting weekly webinars to talk about ways your company can operate throughout the crisis. The webinars will cover variety of areas such as business planning, legal, loan, insurance, cost management, trade, etc.
    Our priority is to provide resources to our members as we are made aware of them. One new resource announced last week is “
    SBA To Provide Small Businesses Impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19) Up to $2 Million in Disaster Assistance Loans.” We will be providing links for a webinar with SBA in the coming days to provide more details and how this may help. Since the beginning of this outbreak back in January, The Asian Chamber has setup an
    online resource page in following guidelines by the CDC and Public Health Departments.
    At this difficult time, it is more important than ever for us to unite and help each other. I always believe opportunities and crisis co-exist. That being said, we want to provide business match making opportunities among all members. Chamber will provide a platform for you to promote your business to others. Please think of following areas (not limited to) and let us know what your company can offer:

    -         Delivery services
    -         Online ordering system
    -         Tele-medicine
    -         Insurance
    -         Office relocation, supplies
    -         IT
    -         Medical supplies
    -         Food services
    -         Security
    -         Transportation
    -         etc
    If any of you can help provide resources for our members or would like to contribute towards being a presenter, please let our team know. We would love to have our members collectively gather together virtually (or when available, physically) and learn from each other in overcoming this period.

    If you are not ACC member, we want to offer you a
    2 MONTHS FREE trial memberships (Trial Membership will be valid from the months of March-May). By signing up, you will not only participate in the webinars we will be offering, but also be able to receive the services in the business matching programs. Please click here to enroll in the 2 months free trial membership.

    2020 is a special year for us as the Asian Chamber of Commerce (ACC) was founded 30 years ago in June 1990. We will creatively continue focusing on programs to unite and elevate our members, partners, supporters and Asian community. Please partner with us in helping provide more resources for Asian businesses. We also welcome new ideas of how the Chamber can help you.

    Together, we can move past these trying times and celebrate in making the Greater Houston business community STRONGER!

    Bin Yu, ACC Board Chair
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